Obtaining Your Permanent Resident Card


Going from being on a student or work visa in Canada to getting permanent residency is not easy. You have to follow many processes before that can happen. If you really want your permanent resident card in Toronto, ON, then you must hire an attorney.

Below are some of the ways that immigration lawyers can help you get permanent residency:

permanent resident card in Toronto, ON

Work immigration

You can only obtain permanent residency status if you have a job offer from a Canadian employer. However, immigration lawyers can help you find immigration options in Toronto and elsewhere in Canada.

If your immigration is still uncertain, immigration lawyers can help to assess the situation so that your appeal does not get rejected again. You might be able to have an extension of your temporary visa or even have another go at getting permanent residency in Canada.

Take the time to discuss these options with immigration lawyers as soon as possible since immigration laws are always changing and it is important that you stay up-to-date with them at all times.  Even if you do not need immigration advice right now, consider visiting an immigration lawyer for a consultation just in case immigration becomes an issue in the future.

Canadian immigration is often difficult to understand and can be confusing at times.  You do not have to feel this way, though, since immigration lawyers will help you get through it easily. They know all about immigration laws and immigration procedure so they can guide you through your immigration journey.

One of the most important things that immigration lawyers do is apply for permanent residency on behalf of clients. This means helping them with preparation for their application, advising them how best to collect supporting documents like letters from employers or financial institutions, providing expert advice for dealing with immigration questions and representing clients during interviews by performing cross-examination if necessary.